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Jamal Al Marri Mobile Phone Trading Company

Jamal Al Marri Mobile Phone Trading Company is a well established leading SIM distributor in UAE since 2004. Since that time Jamal Al Marri is considered as one of the most successful growing company in the Telecom Market. We strive to care our customers at maximum level. The core relation with Etisalat is an added boon to our reputation.

The Company’s main business is the sales and distribution of SIM cards. The company’s business also include sales and distribution of mobile phones, accessories etc. Various models in vogue such as Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, Sony, I Phones, I Pads, HTC, and LG are available in our outlets.

Jamal Al Marri has a very good track record of sales in the UAE especially in Northern Emirates. We work with customer focus providing solutions that meet their requirements and to their complete satisfaction which in turn provides us a leading edge in the market. Jamal Al Marri sees to work with a vision so as to keep an ongoing market penetration as one of the leaders in the telecom industry.

Where there is no Compromising on Customer Care…

Jamal Al Marri understands the meaning of service than anybody else in the Telecom Field. We believe that customer satisfaction is the ultimate reward that an organization can cherish and hence we provide services to the customers within time and budget. Keeping up a vision to provide direct and indirect support to all its clients we have established strong relationships with our customers, which include some of the biggest names in the industry.

Jamal Al Marri is one of the best performing Territory Distributors of Etisalat Wasel Sim Cards that fits the resellers’ business module. Adding to that the company has got an award during the year 2008 in recognition of their integrity and dedication to Etisalat.

Jamal Al Marri has build up a unique entity in the business field of UAE. The company’s head office is situated in Sharjah. The branch offices are located at Sharjah (Rolla), Dubai (Deira), Al Quoz, Ajman, Jabel Ali and Abudhabi. Besides the branch offices the company has sales outlets all over the UAE including Sonapur, Jabel Ali DIP, and Sharjah (Sajja). We sell all products and services of Etisalat all over UAE through our outlets. The trust provided by Jamal Al Marri has been based on the quality services we provide in our retail shops, with which we have been the main service providers befitting in the Telecom Market.

We Jamal Al Marri Mobile Phones Tr proudly introduces a range of budget phones under the brand name Lee Blue Mobiles . Now we presents two mobile phones called Shine and Flame .These mobiles have three important features 1)Low Radiation 2)Best Sounding music experience 3) Longest Battery Life.

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